Iberico Belly Skin Off

Iberico Belly Skin Off


1 piece(approx. 2.8 LB)

A meticulously prepared cut, offering a tender and savory experience. With the skin and excess fat removed, this delicious cut retains the naturally marbled textura unique to Iberico meat. The result is a mouthwatering, flavorsome delight that is highly appreciated by those seeking exceptional culinary experiences

Cooking tips: Great for slow-roasting, braising, pan-searing, or preparing braised or crispy belly dishes, offering diverse cooking options.


Pork meat from purebred Iberico pigs raised in Texas, in free-range family farms with a diet based on natural pastures and organic feed. The last growing period, pigs are released in live oak forests to be finished in acorns, which give to the meat healthy properties and a special nutty flavor.