The Acornseekers Story: When Pigs Fly

Jamón ibérico is one of Spain’s most beloved traditions. It embodies the most important parts of Spanish culture: fine craftsmanship, slow dining, and a rich history.

The creation of this inimitable delicacy requires distinguished black-hoofed Iberian pigs, a temperate climate (usually the southwest Spanish countryside) and time. Plenty of time.

Inspired by the movement of fine European wine to Napa Valley, the Acornseekers decided to bring this culinary jewel to America. They found that the best American environment in which to raise the pigs was in South Texas, with its temperate climate, large oak trees and a copious amount of acorns.

The journey to America with 200 pigs was not an easy one, but eventually they all touched down in New York City on a moonlit August night, and then endeavored on a twenty-eight hour drive to Texas.

A year and a half later, the number of American-born Ibericus pigs has blossomed to over a thousand, and the first cuts of Acornseekers pork are making their way to a table near you.

It seems that the American dream can be achieved, when pigs fly.

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