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made in Texas

Iberico is a breed of pig that originated from the Iberian peninsula where Spain and Portugal are located.

The word “Iberico” translates directly as Iberian, which is the name of the peninsula from whence they originate. This specie is well-known for a black-reddish color, a strong-pointed snout, dropped ears and strong legs that allow him to walk long distances.

Raised Naturally on an organic diet.

Raised naturally in pristine pastures on an organic diet, the Iberico pig delivers a flavor like no other pork. They freely feed on acorns, which infiltrates the rich fats in the meat giving it a unique flavor. Fats naturally capture flavors from the diet of the pigs. Centuries ago, Spaniards discovered the acorns that the pigs consumed is what gave the fat such good flavor. High in Omega-3, oleic oil, Iberico pig meat is considered a healthy fat, thus making it healthy to eat. The combination of tasty and healthy makes it a superior product.

Acorn-fed Iberico Cured Ham, known as Pata Negra. A delicacy that takes time to cure.

Iberico acorn-fed ham known as Pata Negra, one of the most exquisite gastronomic products recognized by the most refined palates and prestigious top chefs in the world, comes from the Iberico pig.

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Why Iberico
in Texas?

Texas has one of the densest ecosystems of oak trees anywhere in the world, making it one of the best places to feed Iberico pigs with acorns, which give them the healthy fat they need to produce the precious acorn-fed Iberico meat.

Areas of Texas have an average annual temperature about 59ºF, very similar to the southwest region of the Iberian Peninsula where the Iberico pigs are originally from. Iberico pigs need lots of acres to roam, swim and scoop up acorns, and being the second largest state in the United States, it made sense to bring them to Texas.