Our meat

Acornseekers’ Ibericus pork is a completely different kind of pork.
IIt is so tasty, tender, juicy... it melts in your mouth.
It is something that everyone must try!

It makes such a big difference because of two groups of factors.


The first one is inherently related to the breed.

This breed of pigs has the ability to never get tired of eating, since they do not have the chemical receptor that produces the feeling of fullness.

This is why these pigs can eat around 15 pounds of acorns a day during acorn season.

With such a great eating capacity, it is easy to imagine that they have developed an extraordinary ability to transform those nutrients into bio-disposable body reserves.

These reserves, in the form of oleic acid fat, are mainly found in three forms:

  • Under-skin fat
  • Intramuscular fat deposition
  • Intramuscle cell fat deposition

The last two forms are the ones which make the largest difference in terms of flavor they provide the intense, juicy, and unique taste.


The second group of factors has to do with the way these pigs are raised.

Acornseekers’ Iberian pigs are raised free-range their entire lives, which means that they always have free access to any kind of food they want.

Pigs are not herbivorous, they are omnivorous. This means that their food ranges from grass and pasture to insects, worms, fungi, etc... a complete diet that satisfies all of their possible needs in a natural manner. Free-range means that they always have enough acreage to live, though not only the dimensions of the area are important. Also important are the possibility of choosing where to sleep and where to drink clean water, as well as having ponds to swim.

You could say that what they call “humane treatment” does not come close to describing the kind of happy lives that Acornseekers’ Iberian pigs have.

IberiCUS Meat

  • It has the highest level of marbling (8%, as opposed to the 1.5% in regular pigs) and the highest level of myoglobin (0.5%, similar to pure Angus beef), which gives the meat its intense red color.
  • All pieces are highly juicy and very easy to eat.
  • The taste is very natural and intense, which reminds one of those pigs raised at grandad’s farm, as it is full of aromatic compounds (pirazine, furanone, non-saturated alcohols, etc.)

Pliny the Elder (23 AD-79 AD)

“There’s no animal that affords a greater variety to the plate, all the others have their own peculiar flavor, but the flesh of these hogs has nearly fifty different flavors.”

1846: Richard Ford, an English traveler known for detailing his excursions throughout Spain, writes:

“The pork of Spain has always been, and is, unequalled in flavour; the bacon is fat and flavoured, the sausages delicious, and the hams transcendentally superlative.”

Acornseekers’ IberiCUS meat
is a important source of...

  • Natural antioxidants: alpha-tocopherol and gamma-tocopherol, of which they have double the percentage of the Iberian meat that gets imported from Spain.
  • Minerals such as:
    • Iron, four times the amount provided by the vegetables where this mineral can be found, and also much more bio-disposable.
    • Zinc (Zn), very important for our diet, however it is hard to find good sources of it.
  • Vitamines: B1, B2, B6, B12, B3 (niacin), E...
  • Folic Acid.
  • Omega 3 (through alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)). This compound can be found inside the muscle, in the marbling fat deposition.
  • Oleic acid fat (monounsaturated fat).
  • Our meat is a VERY LOW source of cholesterol (half of that from other cured pork); therefore, it is a highly recommendable heart-friendly meat to eat for preventing heart problems.

Acornseekers’ Ibericus Meat is not only a unique source of amazing pork cut, it is probably one of the best, healthiest, and easiest ways to improve your diet. Once you experience the taste of our cuts, you will be absolutely convinced.


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